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Thursday, February 21, 2002
Winter olympic some animation shows the movement and the style you be the judge...

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Last night the one I told you asked her to write in this blog said goodbye! and left me.What was her reason? "if I someday get married what i must tell my husband? "!!! Hey look me! who are you talking to? We chated for over 7 mounth and now she went and I'm cought here alone on the web!!! who cares ,there were many cases like this why am I anxious?
I don't know perhaps I spoiled my friendship! anyway talk to you more later...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002
they were cheating too redicules! is seemed they were kids...

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Now I'm playing Graffiti to player seems send the word together the figures they draw resmlbe to nothing but they both guess faster than other!

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ooooh! many days past and i wrote nothing !why? beacause we're moving to are new house and the packaging the worst stage of the shifting is going.May God no-one get moved!!
I sent an email to my uncle he has not called his mom for long time(for 1 mounth!!!!) now i wiat for his reply....

posted by Archer 10:20 AM

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